Kythetor City

The ruined city of Kythetor has become the heart of the adventuring world. One of the few cities left standing since the last age, it holds as many secrets as the wilds that surround it. Dominating the centre of the city looms the legendary Tower of Heroes, the only intact and undespoiled original structure, reaching high into the heavens.

Recently resettled, most of Kythetor’s current inhabitants reside in the old Human Octad, the most preserved octad of the city. A few reside elsewhere in the abandoned areas, though few do so for altruistic reasons.

The City

A – The Grey Tower

Recently rebuilt, the Grey Tower serves as both the front outpost of the Adventurer’s Guild, as well as the local headquarters of the Order of the Veil, representing an unusual convergence of interests between the more mercenary Guild and the royal sponsorship of the Order. New arrivals to Kythetor can find welcome and assistance at the Tower, while returning adventurers can register and identify their finds, and receive their rewards. This arrangement allows the Order first crack at finds significant to royal interests, while The providing the Guild with a united front.

The Tower is lead by Epoch Rrystal, an Eladrin wizard of some renown. Credited with having divined the location of Kythetor, she is respected throughout the kingdom, and revered within the town. However, recent discoveries have occupied much of her time, and few outside the Order have seen her in recent memory.

B – The Tower of Heroes

The Tower of Heroes is said to have been built by the legendary paladin Mercurius to mark the end of the Guardian’s Age. Warded by powerful magic, the tower stands untouched by the intrusion of Kythetor’s new occupants, and even time dares not trespass its pristine walls.

C – Temple of the Forgotten God

A decrepit structure being painstakingly restored by a team of experts in ancient artifacts, the Temple of the Forgotten God is considered by many to be the crowning triumph of the rediscovery of Kythetor. Though only a quarter of the ground level has been excavated, evidence has already begun to emerge that the unknown deity this temple is dedicated to may predate all known religions in the region. In an unusual display of unity, many disparate sects have come here to work together, united in a search for what might be a common heritage.

D – Leviathan’s Gate

The entrance to the Octad of the Aquatic Dragon Kings reveals this city’s ancient Eladrin origin. Leviathans, manifestations of primal water in the form of a dragon, are believed to be one of the primal spirits that sheltered the Eladrin in the early days of the world. As a token of respect, one eighth of Kythetor was dedicated to the spirits of nature, giving special reverence for water, which away from the city is sparse. The gate itself is carved in the sinuous shape of a sea serpent, raining a curtain of water down across the threshold.

E – The Water Gardens

Lush, overgrown gardens sprawl wildly throughout the Octad of the Aquatic Dragon Kings. While much of the Octad is now impassible, choked with foliage or dropping off into water-filled chasms, several smaller gardens near to the centre of the city remain passible, and still serve to remind of the awesome beauty of the natural spirits. Those living in the Human Octad draw their water from here, as it is always fresh, flowing gently but relentlessly from Leviathan’s Gate to the apparently stagnant lake beyond the city walls. Children are often found playing here, as some ancient charm or kindly spirit watches over the innocent in this place, keeping them from harm.

F – Heroes March

The grand thoroughfare from the Tower of Heroes to the Temple of the Forgotten God are studded with the remains of weather-worn statues. Beyond the archaic dress and heroic pose of these figures, little can be determined. Many have corresponded heroes from ancient legends with many of these statues, but few can agree as to which represent whom.

G – Teldorthas’ Estate

A wealthy noble who has established himself outside of the populous Human Octad, Teldorthas argues that he resents the district’s racist name. In truth, the Tiefling has designs upon the human administration of Kythetor, as there was once a nearby Tiefling outpost in the region, to which Teldorthas claims to be heir to.

In practice, Teldorthas seeks to cause enough disruption in Kythetor’s day-to-day operation that he can step in and restore order, banking on the King’s need for the success of the Kythetorian expeditions to overcome any existing favour owed to Magister Keldan, who currently oversees local affairs – and collects local taxes.

H – Elven Encampment

The elves have held small encampments throughout the region, since even before the fall of Kythetor. Subscribing to a theory of passive resistance, the elves maintain numerous camps throughout the region, and retreat whenever faced with a serious threat. Their ancient traditions have kept the powers lying dormant beneath the land quiescent. However, the return of other civilized races have disrupted their migration, and thrown the tribes into disarray.

Some elves have returned to Kythetor city, and set up a camp on one of the uninhabited edges.

I – Northern Gate

J – The Emerald Eagle

High-priced inn aimed at dilettantes and regularly-successful adventurers. Eladrin.

K – Trading House (Race 1)

L – Magistrate Keep

M – Tavern

N – Market

O – Scales of Prosperity

Expensive antiquities and rarities dealer. Dragonborn.

P – Stables

Q – Cheap Inn

R – Troika’s Goods

Discount goods situated near the Market pavilion. Run by Leeron Friendly, halfling huckster. Has ties to Pandemos: his higher-quality goods often have shady pasts. Also a willing, if uncharacteristically shrewed fence.

S – Levered’s Smithy

The taciturn Goliath who operates Kythetor’s only operational blacksmith doesn’t identify himself, or speak at all outside of business matters. The smithy takes its name from the original owner, ages ago, whose name remains carved over the threshold. How this dedicated giant feels about the matter is a mystery, for he shows no interest in anything beyond his work.

Regardless of his demeanour, the Goliath is an expert smith, who delights in working rare and unusual materials. Though specializing in exotic weapons, he works day and night to maintain stock of a wide variety of arms, armours, and specialty goods.

T – Flint’s Rare Birds

Despite the name and offbeat humour of the proprietor, Flint’s Rare Birds is a reliable destination for the beginning adventurer in need of supplies. Flint Bastock, a jovial bear of a man, retired from adventuring after losing a leg to a prowling ooze. A bottle of the creature responsible is displayed prominently in the shop, and like everything else in there, competitively priced.

U – Cheap Tavern

V – Adventurer’s Guild

W – South Gate

Kythetor City

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